PGAS Heritage

PGAS Heritage is an independent consultancy providing advice and solutions to public and private clients. We have a presence in South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho, thus enabling us to serve the need of our clients in Africa. Our unique understanding of the African business and social environment allows us to provide a tailored product that relates to all project stakeholders.

PGAS provides a comprehensive grave relocation, heritage service and social studies where we work closely with the relevant authorities to comply with legislation and best practice. We communicate and co-operate with government, communities, community organisations and other stakeholders. We have identified the need for the integration of grave relocation with resettlement projects and as such developed and implemented the first Grave Relocation Action Plans (GRAP) for resettlements in Southern Africa.

Our in-house specialist and associates further provide comprehensive Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment and social baseline assessment services tailored for inclusion in ESIAs and project development.